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Edited by Kim Clark and Dawn Kresan. From strawberry blonde to carrot-top to deep auburn, the work in Canadian Ginger explores the meaning, myths, and stereotypes of being a ginger. Red hair is considered a genetic mutation, with only 2% of the world’s population born with it. Historically, prized as slaves or burned at the stake, the uniqueness of redheads made them both seductress and scapegoat. In the twentieth-century red hair is more desirable and less rare, due to hair dyes and henna treatments, but the labels “unpredictable” and “hot-tempered” remain. This unconventional and fun anthology brings together poems, short stories, essays, and drama excerpts from writers across Canada to tell the comical, powerful, tender, sexy, and sometimes tragic tales about their ginger tresses.



middle child coverSmall poems about August: the often neglected, overlooked, passive child/month of summer. This chapbook was printed at Leaf Press on laser and inkjet;  hand folded and assembled and stitched as the first blackberries declared an early season.

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sit you waiting cover These poems are hard-luck heroes, kick-ass/ defensive, medals remembered/ as armour, amulet, amour,/. . .ammo. . .

Kim Clark's sequence "Three Days on a Train In and out of Dreaming," composed during a long Australian train trip, records what happens when the anxious-to-organize daytime mind gives in to the stewardship of the twilit senses, and the reader is caught by surprise, that one can be allowed into the fractal landscape of beginning to see.  Does that make sense?  Read this sequence first, and then apply what you have learned to Clark's whole book.

~ George Bowering, veteran poet and novelist

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DiseaseAndDesireFullPaint3 front cover image2012This poetry manuscript is not for the glossy catalogues of platitudes that glaze over raw emotion. Nor is it for the museum of documented sufferings. This is the literary vivisection of a particular life [with MS] displayed without pity.

As you read each page you will laugh and cry and be thankful for getting to know Kim through her unapologetic disclosures.

~ Janet Vickers, poet and publisher

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attemptations front cover All eleven stories—ranging from micro-fiction to near maxi-fiction—in Attemptations are peopled by women, often physically challenged women—darkly humourous, feisty, sexy, manic, persevering, observant, contemplative women. These characters will snag you and hold you there ‘til they’re good and done. The longest novella has been optioned for a 90-minute feature film.

Imagine you're given the news that your body's only capable of six more orgasms. “It's either buck up or fuck up," Mel decides as she plots to make the most of her last six kicks at the can -- while living with the challenges of progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She's just one of the feisty, more-than-slightly manic characters who inhabit Attemptations, Kim Clark's new collection of dark hilarious stories where altered and twisted realities make the impossible possible. Clark's unforgettable stories will get under your skin and stay with you long after you've lent this book to all your friends.

~ Erin Whalen, author and web-design wizard

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