Kim Clark, Writer


Kim Clark fictionFor Kim, fiction writing started off with a contest but kind of fizzled out as poetry took over. But it was part of the curriculum for her creative writing program, so she had no choice but to explore it.

She soon found she enjoyed writing fiction in a way that was quite different from the poetry. Fiction presented the challenge of putting a story together like a puzzle in a way that fit for someone else.

And as Kim has been known to demonstrate, she does like a challenge. Just ask her about one of the last times she drove...who won the race...and why that pizza cost a whopping $400.

Kim says there’s a lot of crossover between her fiction and poetry writing.

“I like to include a lot of poetry in my fiction – in the language of it,” she explains. “I love playing with the words, trying to wrest more meaning out of them.

“Even the poetic sound of the words – that’s very important to me. The sound is as important as what it’s saying.”

Kim Clark thinking about fictionFor Kim, the joy of writing lies in the response she gets from other people.

“I love getting a reaction. There’s that feeling of satisfaction that you’ve done something worthwhile and are able to share it. You’ve done something productive.”

The idea of what it means to be a “productive member” of society is a theme Kim explores in Attemptations, her new collection of fiction.

“Some of my characters aren’t considered “productive” in the traditional sense,” she explains. “I have some insecurity around this issue myself, and I think a lot of other people do as well."

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